Design Bid Build is Back!

Design Bid Build


Introduction to Design Bid Build

I formed the blog, Design Bid Build, in 2013. It gained a little traction and had a few faithful followers, but I ended up shutting it down to start some other ventures. Due to popular demand, I’m bringing it back – bigger and better than ever.

What is Design Bid Build?

Design Bid Build exists to form a cohesive community of house flippers, general contractors, and home remodelers. This is not a DIY blog. As a professional construction manager, I’m often asked by family and friends about the construction process of renovation. Yes, you can perform a renovation with no general contractor and you can do it cheaper, faster, and better quality than a DIY.

There are DIY and home design blogs all over the internet, but there is very little that digs into the process of the actual design and build work. I suppose it’s because it’s not sexy, but construction management processes are┬ámost influential for any successful project. DBB digs deep into the processes, so you can make the right decisions and make a lot more money.
Like the name suggests, Design Bid Build covers construction from start to finish. The three phases of all renovation or new construction are Design, Bid and Build.

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